Ready to begin?

Before you start

Your Readiness Checklist

If you are ready to start your 90-day pledge, first make sure you have the following ready to go.


Your Finish Line. Before starting your pledge, you will need to have selected your monthly spending finish line. Haven’t got that far yet? Talk with one of our finish line guides for free.

All our guides have their own finish line and are trained to guide you in selecting and maintaining your finish line.


A Budget Tracker. In order to maintain a finish line for 90 days, you will need to be able to keep track of a budget. This can be done using a spreadsheet, pen and paper, or online budgeting software.

Make sure your budget is set up before you begin.

Choosing a Launch Date

A few thoughts to consider

We recommend choosing a start date at least a few days in advance. This allows us to provide you with a little more information to ensure you are ready to go on your launch.

What to expect

Your next 90 days

We’ll guide you through your 90 days every step of the way.

1. Launch

Use the form below to select your official launch date.

2. Tools, Resources, and Stories

Once you begin, we’ll be following up every few days with tools, resources, and stories to help you on your journey throughout the 90 days.

3. Extra Help When Needed

At any point in the journey, you’ll have the chance to reach out to a finish line guide who can answer more specific questions as needed. We want you to succeed!

Begin your 90 Days


Once you have selected your finish line and have a way to track your budget, complete the form with all required information.


While you can select your start date as today, we recommend selecting a date at least a few days from now to allow us to follow up with some information before you begin.


On your start date, we’ll begin checking in regularly with information and tools to help you on your journey.

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