David Johnson, CEO of Doulos Partners, on Completing the Great Commission in Our Lifetime

The Finish Line Podcast

Episode 20
David Johnson CEO Doulos Partners Complete Great Commission Financial Finish Line Podcast (1)
David Johnson CEO Doulos Partners Complete Great Commission Financial Finish Line Podcast (1)

David Johnson, CEO of Doulos Partners, on Completing the Great Commission in Our Lifetime

The Finish Line Podcast

Episode 20

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What We’ll Cover

We’re joined by former businessman and pastor David Johnson, the founder and CEO of Doulos Partners. Doulos Partners serves as a sort of mission’s mutual fund, sending resources where they will get the greatest return on investment. They partner with established, successful church planting ministries that already have deep relationships with indigenous pastors around the world and are spreading the gospel in their region. They are listed as one of the top 10 most effective missions organizations by by ROI Ministry, which rigorously screens missions organizations for effectiveness.

More than that, David shares a bigger picture vision for what God is doing on a global scale in the area of missions. In just the last year, there has been a beautiful collision of technology, manpower, and collaboration among many missions organizations that has never before been possible. Stay tuned to hear why David thinks these new developments have the potential to complete the great commission in our lifetime by bringing the gospel to all peoples, nations, and tongues. This conversation blew our minds, you will not want to miss it.

Quotes to Remember

  • “My master only expected one thing from me, and that was obedience.”
  • “God what is it you want me to do? My ‘Yes’ is on the table.”
  • “Find out where God is working, and join Him there.”
  • “If you compare [the cost of a Western missionary] to someone in Cuba making $300 per year, then all of a sudden you can support 400 church planters for the same price that is costs to support 1.”
  • “There are 5.1 billion people in the 1040 window, 59 countries, yet less than 3% of all Christendom’s missions dollars go inside the window. That is, in fact, the Great Imbalance.”
  • “I believe, for the first time in my life, I see how we can take the gospel not only to every continent and country and block and district and village, but to every man, woman, boy, and girl – this beautiful collision between technology, boots on the ground, communication, collaboration – doesn’t matter who gets the credit, it’s all about taking the gospel further and faster to the ends of the earth.”
  • “In 13 years, we’ve had close to 4000 partnership requests from all over the world, and we’ve only said yes to 6.”

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