Josh Newell, Executive Director of the Jesus Film Project, on the Impact of the Most-Watched Film of All Time

The Finish Line Podcast
Episode 45

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What We’ll Cover

Josh Newell is the Executive Director of the Jesus Film Project. The Jesus Film started in 1979 as a ministry of Cru and is a film based on the gospel of Luke. Within 10 years of its creation the Jesus Film was the most translated and most watched film in the world, now reported to have been translated into over 2000 languages and seen by over 3 billion people in almost every country in the world.

Jesus Film is a richly collaborative ministry partnering with a vast assortment of ministries in the bible translation, evangelism, and church planting spaces. Today, 90% of the Jesus Film projects final results come from their church planting partners in the field. 

Josh joined Jesus Film in 1998 as a film translator and has remained with the organization up to today, where he now serves as Executive Director. Josh has developed a deep and thoughtful perspective of the global missions landscape and the work that remains ahead to reach every person everywhere with the gospel. Listen now to hear all he had to share.

Quotes to Remember

  • “I find it humbling to be a part of a project that can be a catalyst to see cross-denomination cross-traditions work together in a way that is collaborative and to see spiritual fruit.”
  • “We want to be creating a faithful translation of the Jesus Film that accurately reflects the Word of God in a given people group. And to do that, you need to work with bible translators.”
  • “For us, the mission hasn’t changed. It’s all about getting the gospel to everyone everywhere.”
  • “If the map of where the church needs to go has remained the same for nearly 2000 years, why hasn’t it gone?”
  • “The Spirit of the Lord seems to be moving is such a way to bring about collaboration on a radical level where churches and organizations are throwing everything into the middle of the table and saying ‘We’re all in’ to reach everyone everywhere. It doesn’t matter who goes, let’s just make sure that we do!”
  • “We get to be a catalyst for partnership.”
  • “Where is the task and what will it take to get us there?”
  • “About 75% of the 6 billion unreached people live in just 12 countries.”

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