How to Classify Gifts and Changing Your Finish Line

The Finish Line Podcast

Episode 5
Classify Gifts Changing Financial Finish Line Podcast
Classify Gifts Changing Financial Finish Line Podcast

How to Classify Gifts and Changing Your Finish Line

The Finish Line Podcast

Episode 5

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What We’ll Cover

Kealan and Cody dive into another listener Q&A where they answer two finish line questions. The first is “Do gifts come out of our budget, or the excess?”. This is one of a variety of questions that get into the fine details of a finish line, sand one that is particularly relevant for December. The second question is “When is it okay to change my finish line? How should I approach that process?”. Anyone who sets a finish line will consider this question at some point, and the guys share a helpful framework to go about the process.

Quotes to Remember:

  • “Would the average American family spend money on this kind of gift?”
  • “We look at gifts through the lens of ‘was this gift expected?'”
  • “There is a deep joy to be found in living a life where you are constantly struggling to categorize an expense as spending or giving, because that means you have oriented your life and the things you are using your money for in a way that God is using you and your family.”
  • “I hope that through my life, we are constantly blurring the lines between spending and giving.”
  • “You might have to step back and think about why you have a finish line in the first place.”
  • “Does this change in finish line best help me to handle the money God has given me to manage?”
  • “If you are considering changing your finish line, is there another way to rearrange your budget or change your spending habits to avoid changing your finish line?”

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