Al Mueller, Founder and President of Excellence in Giving, on Generosity with Discernment

The Finish Line Podcast
Episode 77

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What We’ll Cover

Al Mueller is the founder and President of Excellence in Giving, a transformative organization dedicated to guiding High Net Worth families in making impactful philanthropic decisions. Al shares his inspiring journey from a successful Wall Street career to his current impactful role as a philanthropic consultant.

Al’s faith played a pivotal role in shaping his life’s purpose and mission. Through prayer and reflection, he crafted his mission statement: to motivate Christians to give significantly and sacrificially with maximum efficiency to Kingdom activities.

This statement led him to take a leap of faith and establish Excellence in Giving, a transformative consulting organization that now serves over 40 High Net Worth families, guiding them in strategic giving decisions ranging from $1 million to $25 million annually to various causes both domestically and internationally.

Al also helped launch the Kingdom Giving Fund, a pooled grant-making organization that focuses on high impact projects that change the trajectory of well-proven ministries. Throughout his interview, Al emphasizes the importance of stewardship, a deeper approach to generosity, where discernment and wise decision-making play a crucial role in making a meaningful impact.

Major topics covered include:

  • Al’s journey from Wall Street to philanthropy
  • The need to go beyond simple giving and foster a deeper approach to generosity for a lasting impact
  • Al’s approach to highly effective giving
  • The importance of celebrating wins in generosity
  • Excellence in Giving’s approach to philanthropy
  • The Kingdom Giving Fund model and collaborative giving

Quotes to Remember

  • “I felt like the Lord had a kingdom purpose for me that wasn’t helping wealthy people become wealthier.”
  • “Faith is definitely important. And the crown ministry allowed us to really rethink that.”
  • “Giving away money thoughtfully is a challenge.”
  • “If you’re not experiencing the joy of generosity, you’re not doing it, right.”
  • “Only the Lord has the capacity to deal with all the problems in the world.”
  • “Joy is a big part of what God promises in the world of generosity and stewardship.”
  • “Your passions have to be a subset of God’s passions.”
  • “There is really no substitute for doing your own homework in the area of giving.”
  • “When God breaks your heart, then figure out who’s championing that area and join them.”
  • “There should be things in our lives that break our heart.”
  • “When you have more money, you will just do more of what you’re already doing now.”

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