Stephanie Hobelmann on Moving from Hesitancy to Joy in Giving

The Finish Line Podcast
Episode 8

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What We’ll Cover

Cody’s wife, Stephanie Hobelmann shares her experience feeling hesitant about the idea of a finish line. She shares how conversation and actively experiencing the joy of giving flipped her understanding of the finish line pledge. Stephanie now constantly seeks out opportunities to give and shares her joy of giving openly. She also shares advice for those who are interested in setting a finish line, but have a hesitant or reluctant spouse. Listen now to hear her story!

Quotes to Remember

  • “We’re getting close to this point where I have to give all the rest of the money away and there are still a lot of thing that I want that I don’t have yet.”
  • “I’m not giving my money away, I’m giving God’s money away.”
  • “Actually living tiny, generous acts of giving helped me to see what this whole thing looked like, and how being able to give away stuff makes me feel so much better than filling my house with things I think I want.”
  • “Ever since creating that finish line for ourselves, I don’t think of it so much as giving money away as much as I think of the things I can do for other people.”

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