What’s Your
Finish Line?

– – – Run a Different Race – – –

Where are you going?

We are all running a race of some kind. However, most of us don’t know exactly where we are headed. For many of us, the race is an endless pursuit of more.

More money. More success. More control.

We were tired of that race. We wanted something different. That’s why we chose a new race, one with a finish line. What did we find at the finish?

More freedom. More purpose. More of God.

You can choose a different race too. You were meant for something greater. See what a financial finish line might mean for you. 

What’s a financial finish line?

Nobody stumbles into enough

If you’re waiting to feel like you’ve reached “enough”, you have a long wait ahead of you. Enough isn’t something we recognize when we get there.

The only way to reach enough is to intentionally draw a line to define it. A financial finish line is a tool to define enough, whether we’ve already reached that line or not.

Try our Finish Line calculator

Backed by U.S. census data

Everyone’s financial finish line looks different. And we’re not about to tell you that there’s only one right answer.

The Finish Line Calculator allows you to experiment with different finish lines and see how those compare against income data from across the country. 

The Finish Line Podcast

Hear from others on the path

On the Finish Line Podcast, hear from pastors, financial advisors, radically generous givers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and nonprofit leaders to explore one central question:

How do we best steward God’s wealth?

On The Finish Line Podcast, you’ll hear challenging and inspirational stories of tremendous generosity.

You’ll also learn from experts in multiple fields about topics like setting a financial finish line, giving efficiently and effectively, and teaching generosity to your children.

More than anything, though, you’ll see how God is constantly at work redeeming the world He created and loves.

Embark on your own journey

Explore the SPRINT program

A SPRINT is a transformative experience for individuals, couples, or small groups which will flip upside down everything you thought you knew about generosity.

Get started today, free now and forever!

Take the 90-Day Finish Line Pledge

Talk to a Free 1-on-1 Coach

Are you ready to stop the endless race for more? Without intentional boundaries, our drive for money and success will consume all of the energy and resources God has given us to build His kingdom.

Take the 90-Day Finish Line Pledge and start running a new race.

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