Virtual Groups

Using Video Conferencing


Get a link ahead of time: Popular platforms for video conferencing include Zoom and Google Meet among others. Make sure you find a platform that works for your group and send out a link ahead of time. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide video conferencing services for your group.


Watch videos separately: Allow everyone to watch videos separately on their own computers. To make it easier to know when everyone is done, have everyone mute themselves and turn their video off while they watch. Then have them turn their video back on to let everyone know when they are finished watching.


Encourage people to use a computer: Video tends to work better on a computer or laptop rather than a tablet or phone. When possible, encourage people to use a computer.


Print your SPRINT guide: It is helpful to be able to see everybody else’s faces when going through a remote SPRINT. For that reason, you may find it helpful to print your SPRINT guide so you can have it in front of you while your video conference window is open on your screen. Alternatively, some people have opted to use two devices – one to read off of and one to use for video conferencing. Use whatever method works best for your group.

Questions? Reach out to our facebook group where one of our moderators can help or contact us via our contact page.

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