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The following calculator determines the estimated monthly retirement contributions that would be required to live at a specific monthly spending finish line. For more information on spending finish lines, visit the finish line calculator.

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AGE year old person in a household of SIZE living at the 50th percentile lives on about INCOME per year (INCOME after taxes).

In order to retire in YEAR at age AGE, they would need to save about PRETAX per month before taxes in a 401k or traditional IRA, which is about PERCENT of their salary.

Alternatively, they could save AFTER TAX per month after taxes in a roth IRA, which is about PERCENT of their monthly budget.

Retirement Profile

Retirement Percentile
Household Size
Annual Expenses
In Today Dollars
In Future Dollars
Monthly Expenses
In Today Dollars
In Future Dollars

In YEAR, a household of SIZE living at the 50th percentile will live on about INCOME per year after taxes. That corresponds to MONTHLY per month in expenses.

Translating that into today’s dollars, a household of SIZE should expect to spend  INCOME per year, or MONTHLY per month in retirement.

This illustration is hypothetical and does not represent the return on any particular investment. The rate is not guaranteed. All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.