Finish Line Sprints

NOTE: The SPRINT program recently changed! If you are looking for the legacy program, click here.

What’s a SPRINT?

A SPRINT is a customizable transformative experience designed for small groups, couples, or individuals which explores the foundation of a radically generous life. 

The SPRINT library contains modules on a wide spectrum of concepts, practical skills, and strategies which will supercharge your generosity journey.

The format of each module varies including discussion, games, scenarios, calculators, and biblical text. Most importantly, the SPRINT is designed to create room for you to step into your unique expression of generosity.


Customizable: Pick and choose the modules that are the best fit for you or your group.


Highly Interactive: Each week’s material includes a variety of exercises, games, scenarios, and calculators to explore the concepts.


Small Group or Individual: Modules are designed to be used as a small group, but can also be used on your own or with a partner.

Questions? Reach out to us on our contact page!

See the entire SPRINT Library

Just want a taste to get a feel for things? Try the Game of Life and you won’t think about money the same.

A Wise Manager
Does God Really Need Our Money
The First Decision to Make (770px)
Game of Life
The Cycle of Fulfillment (770px)
The First Decision to Make (770px)
The First Decision to Make (770px)