Our Global Vision

Imagine If…

Imagine if 100 people, evenly distributed among the 1st to 99th percentiles, all committed to living at or below the 50th percentile. How much would they be able to give in a year?

What about 100,000 people?

Use this calculator to see how the world might be impacted if people began to accept that there is a limit to the amount they need for themselves.

Input Values

100 people committed to the
50th percentile would give away


every single year

And out of those 100 people…


would already earn less than the 50th percentile and wouldn’t have to make any major changes. And…


would begin living at the 50th percentile and giving all of the excess away for God to use as he sees fit.

Imagine what could be accomplished by those 100 people to radically impact their communities.

Imagine what they could accomplish towards completing the great commission to bring the gospel to all nations.

Now imagine you are one of those people.

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Giving Ideas

Once you have set your objective spending limit, what do you do with the excess?

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